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Culture Y
2018 Art Show
April 4, 2018

The Culture Y 2018 Art Show considers the theme of SPACES in the context of culture. Culture Y showcased 25 artworks and 4 films that represented a diverse range of style, medium, and idea. The Art Show consisted of four judges from across the art and film worlds. This year, our judges included internationally recongised academic authorities in film and art history, professional and student artists and filmmakers, a gallery owner, a nationally acclaimed artist, and a Vennice Biennial artist.



For 2018, Culture Y's 14 member team  developed and implementated the 2018 Art Show under the titles of Media and PR, Finance, and Logisitcs. The Culture Y Art Show raised money using a variety of means, including our 2018 Art Auction. Works ranged from paintings and photographs to material art. The Art Auction was a successful fundraiser that sold over 75% of its items.A 2018 workshop in which artists and filmmakers discussed their ideas and interacted with leading memebers of the team allowed participants to have a greater level of engagement with Culture Y and the theme. As a result of a year-long effort, the 2018 Culture Y Art Show successfuly debuted.

2018 Art Show Art and Film Programme

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