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Culture Y

We celebrate, innovate, and create in the artworld

Co-founded in 2016 by two University of St Andrews students, Culture Y began as a means to facilitate creative conversations on society and culture in the international atmosphere of St. Andrews. We create interesting events and experiences for artist and audience alike. Culture Y presents art events that focus on the experiences of both artist and audience. Our continuing goal is to present a platform for artists to push the boundaries of cultural engagment into new and interesting realms.

My Role in Culture Y

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Designer

Developed the concept and basis for the organization Culture Y. Established the organizational development of Culture Y.


Created and directed advertising projects, thematic and visual direction of the Culture Y organisation and following art event productions.

Creative Director

Led different teams responsible for creative direction in website development, curatorial display, and advertising in films and posters.

Head Designer

Planned and developed the details, design, and schedule of each events. Led communication and marketing to interested parties. 

Head of Logistics & Communications

Co-Lead of Financing 

Pursued funding opportunities and developed proposals


Example Press About Culture Y

Malefakis, D. (2018, March 8) Art Auction: Culture Y. Owl Eyes 

Szegedi, L. (2018, March 8) Culture Y: What to expect in 2018. The Saint 

Rego, A. (2018, May 30) Culture Y: SPACES. The Tribe

Abreu, A. (2017, April 8). OTR Review: Culture Y Film Festival. The Tribe

Smith, C. (2017, 31 March). On The Rocks: Scotland’s largest student-run festival returns to St Andrews. The Courier.

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